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Straight Road

This is a spacious three bedroom detached house with private gardens in Old Windsor, opposite the River Thames, in a floodplain area. The tenants had been in the property for several years and had made considerable changes to the original 1920’s bungalow over time, still preserving the rooms with large sizes and generous height.

They wanted to take down the Conservatory and enhance the Kitchen to have a new open plan layout towards the rear of the house. We also discussed the reworking of the Utility Room and toilet as well as providing a Boots Room (or space) from the rear for gardening and pets access. They requested a ‘contemporary’ extension with a modern feel to include sliding folding doors and allowing daylight and views into the Garden; a varieties of volumes, rather than a stark extension.

The Inhabitat advice was to introduce a modern organic composition of pure simple volumes, following a mood board of natural materials and nuances: honey and white, beautifully framing the green garden.

The staggering of the existing building was confirmed into the new one, to retain the relationship that the house already had to the outside. The central circulation spine was emphasized in the extension by a new system of roof lights. Rootedness, simplicity, cosiness, modernity, home. All these words describe the fascination of this case study which resulted in a beautiful sense of place, of belonging.

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