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Location Sheridan Avenue

The clients had been living in this 1930s detached house for some time and they were keen to increase the amount of living space at ground floor and to bring indoor the fresh, relaxed garden atmosphere.

The property site is on a steep slope and the front house has got the floating feeling of being on a boat. The first step for us was to understand the topography and how to convert these original constraints into links throughout the building and the surroundings.

We discussed how to incorporate an existing Store Room to the rear of the Kitchen/Utility Room. Having converted the Store Room into in a Sitting Room/ Guest Room and designed possible ways of linking the room to the house and the side steps down into the Garage, we also straightened the wall facing the patio to liberate circulation area and gain small amount of additional floor space. Domestic intimacy and a peaceful sense of place merge in this pretty little project.

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