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Location Beaconsfield School

We were approached by this top rated girls school. The head teacher purpose was to assess the suitability of a disused block of toilets for convertion to a science and technology learning hub. It  was a pilot scheme free-form for the students: a multiuse space to prepare the feeling of a university creative space where they could debate, hold meetings or just study together in an informal setting

We produced the initial space planning layouts and worked on a costing exercise to put together a bid for funding to the Wolfson Foundation. We discussed some further ideas on how to simplify the scheme to reduce costs, such as retaining the existing entrance corridor and door arrangement, reducing the area of glazing to the courtyard. The main action on the exteriors of the building was to cut the existing curtain wall and create a new shop front effect, bringing transparency and light into the bright coloured interiors. Finally, we looked at various possible finishes – e.g. the use carpet tiles, ceiling tiles and classroom lighting.

The school was successful with the application to the Wolfson Foundation and a £30K grant was secured for the proposed works to create a new Science Learning Hub.

Completion: 20xx
Client: Private
Type: Residential
Consultants: Structural engineer
Photo: Photographer

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