The Quality Triangle

As an architect in practice, I find myself explaining to most prospective clients a simple, yet highly effective project management concept. We normally discuss this when we meet for the initial consultation.  We also talk at length about sexier subjects, such as space design, materials, natural lighting, finishes, etc.  Most importantly, we cover the project direction in terms of aspirations and motivations.

Why do we keep bringing up this dull concept to the initial consultation, you may ask? This basic principle of the Quality Triangle applies to the fabrication of a car, as much as to the creation of a piece of art or the implementation of a system by a consultant in business also applies to construction projects. I take great delight in seeing how people's facial expressions change when they understand this concept.


Skylight windows. When light shafts do their magic!

When it comes to discussing a new project with clients, often how to maximise the natural light into a house is often one of our first consideration. Either in a new build or a house refurbishment, a skylight is the perfect mesmerising feature to fan out and illuminate a stylish living space with natural soft shades.


On the 21st of September, we are organising the third and the last free design consultation in our office about your residential project. 


On a canvas wall art, I remember once reading something like Travel (noun). The only thing you buy that makes you richer. I guess this is something we can all agree on. This must be the reason more and more of our clients share with us their travel memories and stories when it comes to describing their "dream home". They fall in love with the atmosphere of a place and these memories still resonate, many years later.

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