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We recently visited Annabel Smith to talk about her work as an interior designer. We also discussed why we decided to work in collaboration. After filming some of Annabel’s responses we had the idea for our new series ‘In Conversation’- where we will be filming more interviews with like-minded industry professionals.

Here’s the teaser video so you can get to know Annabel a little first:


“I don’t decorate homes as identical. They have to reflect the person living in them.”
Annabel on Working with Clients

Watch below our first full ‘In Conversation’ including exclusive clips of Annabel’s interiors. Questions asked in this video: What’s the biggest challenge she faces running a solo business? Why has she chosen to collaborate with us?


Other questions answered by Annabel during the conversation were:

Why did you become an interior designer?
It’s always been there. I used to draw floor plans of my bedroom when I was a child!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Travelling, markets, trade fairs, design shows and tear sheets from other publications and designers.

How do you go about working with clients?
What I often do for clients is a ‘stylistic overview board’ where I put all the tear sheets, colours and ideas together to provide a blueprint for the project as a whole.


We are already planning our next ‘In Conversation’ so watch this space!

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