This is one of the questions I often get asked by clients at our first meeting. It is often hiding deep down a sense of anxiety and even feeling overwhelmed about the lack of knowledge of how to successfully deliver an architecture project.

They come to the first meeting seeking reassurance. They want to know the strategy that fits their specific needs. They want to access the best project path. We also discuss many other enjoyable aspects such as their big WHY for the project, the inspirations, the expectations, the priorities, and very importantly, HOW they want to feel once the project is completed. All this forms part of the brief we go on to put together once we start working together. We tend to run through lightly on these other aspects until there is clarity on the timeframe and costs issues perceived as priorities.

On the subject of time, the best time to start is when they are ready, simple. But, feeling prepared means different things to different people. Finding the right level of certainty on some key issues will help you understand the readiness that is right for you;

 1 Do the research

You will need to know that you have funding available for the project. It is fundamental that you understand the property market in the area and make a judgment on whether the investment is going to provide a return. Sometimes, this is not an immediate one, but it is the scale and timeframe that is right for you. Speaking with your lender and local estate agents is an excellent place to start.

 2 Ask others who have recently had work done to their homes

Not every project runs smoothly, and finding out from people that have gone through this before will prime you with any questions. Ask about their worries and how they overcame them. Also, ask them about what was enjoyable during the process. You may be surprised at the many positives!

3 Start collecting ideas

Pinterest is a fabulous free resource. Imagine how you would like to feel in the new house. Look for practical ideas for the activities you most enjoy doing at home.

 4 Talk to your family

Blok time to discuss your ideas and the reasons to get the project done. Have several conversations as the project becomes more of a reality. Here again, you may be surprised at what rocks the boat of different members of your family.

5 Check your diary for the next few months ahead

Finding windows of time in the busy diary to do the research and even booking time to meet some builders to look at the house will go a long way to bringing to life in your mind as well as your heart. The more time you allocate to this coming from a place of ‘imagining’ you enjoying the final spaces, the more you will feel eager to start.

And if you want some help, so you don’t have to keep figuring everything out on your own, let’s set up a time to talk. We have a fantastic team of architects who would love to hear more about your ideas and help you during an initial consultation at no charge.

You can request some of our free resources here, including the ‘Project Planning Package’, which will take you through a more in-depth process to help you get ready to be ready.

All you have to do is to ask. We will send you our ‘must-read’ information guides, a brief questionnaire to understand your particular project issues and book your consultation, at no charge.


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