Once you find yourself planning a house extension/conversion, many considerations will need bringing into the melting pot. Some will relate to costing, timing, quality of materials, space layout and many (many, many!) other issues. Here is when the design may appear well below in this list. Don’t make this mistake. I cannot emphasise more the importance of zooming into detail design at the very early project design stages! This will save you time and money, let alone the stress and frustration by bringing in clarity. In turn, clarity brings confidence and any anxiety will shift into excitement of the project ahead. 

Looking at the design from the partial ‘features’ you envisage is a great way to start. In this article, I focus on this much-loved life-giving corner of any house that lends itself to having the delicious chocolate box, window seat! Here are a handful of considerations to get you started; 


Find the right opportunity for it to happen

The window seat can take many shapes, forms and looks. The key is finding the natural point in the room to serve its purpose – comfortably seating down – bringing the seated person into the sheltered corner window space in close relationship with the view and immediate outside area. 


Get clear on the use

Going beyond the simple fact that this would be a place to sit, making this feature a successful addition can only be achieved if it is built for a particular purpose. The decision of its size and shape will relate directly to its end-use. Thinking this through will go a long way. Is it a space to lounge, to sit by a table or a ‘picture frame’ window reading corner? 


Consider view and the orientation

A window seat is primarily a glazed opening. Controlling aspects for privacy and the levels of daylight/ sunlight is key to the use of the space. Incorporating blinds, shutters and electric lighting and power points must not be an afterthought.


Decide on the style 

Either an ‘Oriel’ style or carved out from the wall thickness and cabinets, the depth of the seat will depend on the design. It is also vital to ensure you look at the effect on the external elevation as well as the outside space. 


Dressing it 

Here is when cushions, throws and lamps come into play. Again, the advice is not to leave the decisions as an afterthought.


Well, you are now ready to start sketching! If you want some help, so you don’t have to keep figuring everything out on your own, let’s set up a time to talk. We would love to hear more about your ideas and help you. Feel free to book an initial consultation at no charge.

You can request some of our free resources here, including the ‘Renovation Guide’, which will take you through a more in-depth process to help you identify the critical design features for your project.

All you have to do is to ask. We will send you our ‘must read’ information guides, a brief questionnaire to understand your particular project issues and book your consultation.

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