When it comes to discussing a new project with clients, often how to maximise the natural light into a house is often one of our first consideration. Either in a new build or a house refurbishment, a skylight is the perfect mesmerising feature to fan out and illuminate a stylish living space with natural soft shades.

By featuring a variety of different options,  a well-designed house can welcome you into a world of passages, paths, courtyards and outdoor spaces connected in many intriguing ways. A skylight window that runs along the fireplace wall from one end to the opposite wall can add drama to an otherwise ordinary space.

Long and narrow kitchens are a good opportunity for installing a skylight to enhance the space. The addition of a long minimalistic skylight window to a kitchen could match and complement the furniture layout. For added effect this can be complemented with a pair of vertical oversized pivot doors, both beautifully framing the sky and the garden.

The quality of natural light is also what will improve a home’s workspace. We particularly love the idea of a huge floor-to-ceiling screen topped up with a flat rooflight.  The indoor and the outdoor can harmoniously overly blurring the building envelope. The synergy of glass and natural light has a lot to do with this relationship. There are some small issues with the use of skylight windows in home offices, such as draft, glare and radiant cooling. Shutters and electric blinds are though quite easy to source and install to minimise any discomfort.

In a tiny bedroom in the loft which would seem and feel claustrophobic, skylight windows can effectively give the impression of more space even if they are not huge or very spectacular. They can do this simply by opening the home out to the sky. A perfect combo could be a skylight that allows sunlight into the room and a portion of the glazed floor to let the sunlight shaft below. From the loft to the basement a house can incorporate daylight with well-thought design features. From a stunning effect to a vaulted ceiling in a rural luxury barn conversion to a modern urban penthouse, the visual impact of a singular skylight can be spectacular. A long skylight at the centerof the pitched roof or as a set of several small skylights arranged in a row can add a perception of natural luxury.

Rare to find in a residential project, but worthy to be considered as an architectural choice, circular skylight windows can bring some magic feeling to space. Being quite surreal at times, circular skylights are always inspiring and intriguing. They can feel magic, almost look like portals into another world.

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