Lost in space? How about rationalising your home layout and monetary worth to your house without building any new foundations or external walls to an extension?

Well, “the sky’s the limit”… and the ridge height: an architect-designed loft conversion will add a terrific amount of value to your residential asset as well as maximising space in your home. With a thoughtful and stylish internal layout, your loft renovation can be a superb investment as well as a thrilling adventure for you and your family. Would you like to know how?

Upsizing vs. moving home

Apparently, upsizing is currently the main reason to buy, for UK private home-owners, and, let’s face it: moving house is often a super-expensive option and one of the most stressful experiences to go through. Whether home-owners wish to extend the house for a growing family or to create some additional income by renting out an extra bedroom with ensuites, enlarging the main building’s footprint seems to be not the only and best way to go ahead.

New dormers installation added value

New dormers and roof lights to loft conversions are often a more viable alternative and often inexpensive way to add that more space required along with increasing the property value. Every snip of space under the pitched roof that is already there has the potential to be utilised and, depending on the size of the house, dormer loft conversions can usually increase the floor plan by 20-50m2. Considering an average price per square meter of £3,994 in the Home Counties, a potential of £ 200,000 is at the stake. Furthermore, according to estate experts, a loft conversion is often top of their buyers’ wish lists and something that they look for in saleable properties.

So, What are we waiting for? Perhaps we know why: as it is not a straightforward process.

L-shaped dormer: what is it?

A young couple of clients recently came to us to explore different alternatives for their house extension and renovation. They had been rejected a two-storey rear extension, in the past, so we opted for an L-shaped roof dormer and new internal stairs and distribution. Without enhancing the footprint of their house we suggested a design scheme to increase the usable floor area and market desirability of their house by building. Just to clarify: an L-shaped dormer conversion is where two dormer builds are constructed in a way that they join together. Usually, one dormer will be built on the rear roof and the other on the main roof. This type of intervention is particularly suitable for certain types of property, mainly either Edwardian or Victorian properties where there has been an addition to the original house at the rear, known as two storey outrigger.

The planning challenge: how to grant permission

Recent changes have been made within planning rules which allow most single dwelling house owners to convert their loft into habitable rooms with a simple Certificate of Lawfulness, however, this might not apply to most of the renovations in Conservation Area or to Listed buildings. To avoid the most common mistakes, a step-by-step support through the process of designing and building of the L-Shaped Loft Conversion is useful and experienced architects will also advise you on the best internal layout, essential loft interior design tips, and a distinctive look to fully integrate the new dormer and stairs to the character of the property.

Get it built

Don’t forget: a quality loft conversion can add four-time the value of a brand new kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom to the house, but it needs to be approved at the planning stage, first, and also it will require to comply with Building Regulation.

Flooding with natural light your loft area

If you want to know more don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: our technical drawings are not just focused on construction specifications but they are the expression of a detail-oriented mindset, for enhancing natural light, ventilation, and functionality of the interior as well as bringing character and distinctiveness to the exterior. In terms of internal comfort, the loft space with L shaped dormer loft conversion will appear so much bigger and more spacious than it actually is. They really can become a beautiful and charming addition to the house when absolutely flooded with light.

Does this resonate with the project you have in mind at the moment? We know how to achieve it.

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