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Newsletter Oct.2023

27 October 2023
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“If we’re really committed to growth, we never stop discovering new

dimensions of self and self-expression .”

-Oprah Winfrey


Which are the main planning restrictions on this site?

It is important to note that the site location can have certain limitations, such as being on green belt land where new constructions are limited. In such cases, designers must ensure that the lowest floor elevation is at or higher than the flood plan elevation, which requires raising the ground floor level. This can affect the design of residential units with internal stairs, floor to ceiling heights and general internal distribution. If the site is in a conservation area, the design must be as sympathetic as possible to the existing character of the area, or match existing structures. To achieve the best potential for the site, a combined expertise between planning consultants and architects is advisable for a thorough site assessment, taking into account all the constraints but not missing opportunities.


In recent years, I have seen the clients with whom I have worked with on multiple projects, evolve, grow

and change. The clients we enjoy working the most are the ones that thrive in growth, abundance and

prosperity. As an avid learner, I have taken a leaf from their book and tried some of their strategies. The single strategy that has served my architecture business the most has been undoubtedly the one that called me to become a ‘leader’ as opposed to a manager or a boss. I found that to become a true leader I needed to start dropping the layers of prejudice and self doubt and embrace becoming the fullest expression of myself. I am deeply doing this inner work. It is challenging and yet super exciting!

You may wonder how this relates to architecture? Here is how I think it relates... any building project

has its complexities, let alone the effort and costs attached to it! My team’s work is the backbone on which my clients build their dream home or dream property development project. By becoming the fullest possible expression of myself, leading my dream studio here in Windsor I can just give them that certainty and strength. What is the fullest expression of yourself? How can we support you along the way to ‘becoming’ the next success story we witness? We would love to support you dream bigger and bigger,

then go and make it happen. We are doing just that with our clients, and you can join us.



Our client Željana Schönauer has written a fabulous review.

the project of the month

‘‘Sandra and her team love what they do. They always approach their tasks with the utmost enthusiasm.

When I asked Sandra to assess my property requirements as part of a reconstruction and extension project already in process, she spotted the potential issues right away and reacted promptly to resolve the possibility of permanent damage being done to my property by another company.

I was immensely grateful for her intervention provided at the highest level of professionalism and at a very fair and reasonable fee.

Sandra and her team impressed me hugely with their practical designs and their work ethic, along with their levels of expertise within their field.

This, allied with their hugely impressive attitude towards nature and their highly ecological stance with regard to building, will always lead me to recommend Sandra and her team to anyone wishing for their own design and architectural dreams to be fulfilled to a fine level of expectation and to budget.’’


Request our free Renovation Guide

We are architects that create vibrant, innovative and eco-aware legacy architecture and our purpose is to create spaces that embrace human emotions. We take real pride in the process and enjoy creating a ‘mindful-happiness’ for clients. If you are dreaming of an exciting architecture project or are simply curious, we invite you to a complementary strategy session with us. Together we will have a heart-to-heart conversation that could result in you discovering that one key element which will change everything.

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