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Newsletter May. 23

29 May 2023
Newsletter May.23

"The sky is a reminder that many things are possible even though they seem beyond our reach" -Brandon Royal-


The weather is getting warmer, and the sunshine is re-turning, bringing with it the promise of summer! It certainly makes us feel more optimistic, bright ideas fl ow, and we feel truly inspired. We are definitely witnessing this during the conversations we are currently having with our clients. On the other side of the coin, the excitement, challenges and roller-coaster ride of a design and build project can, of course, bring out their deepest ‘fear’. This is the unspoken word! There are anxieties and apprehensions about the cost, the pro-cess, the legalities, the building work and, of course, the fear of the unknown. The list can be long, and the ‘fear’ needs to be tamed for them to take action and embark on their journey. It is clear to us that our archi-tectural services start by providing answers, guidance and reassurance and continue for the duration of our services. We help each client by devoting our time to work with them on their brief, and we must do this together. Our thorough ‘Needs and Options Review’ means our clients are guaranteed to keep their opti-mism for the project. They can then confi dently reach for the sky and see their inspiration, hopes and dreams translated into the architecture that follows.

Office meeting

Our work together is the beginning of the journey, and we don’t take this lightly. The busy meetings around our studio table focus on discussing essential aspects of the project and are often filled with joy and laughter. Optimism is all around and here to stay!



Converting an office building into a Mews Development in Windsor

Alma Road

Our client is an established local property de-veloper who purchased an offi ce building in Windsor with the intention to convert it into residential use. We are working with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead plan-ning offi ce to facilitate the ‘change of use ap-plication’. We have provided our client with attractive 3D images which along with being used to support the planning application, can ultimately be used for marketing purposes to showcase the vision. Plus, they help to ensure our client keeps their vision alive during the whole development process.

Alma Road

We are architects that create vibrant, innovative and eco-aware legacy architecture and our purpose is to create spaces that embrace human emotions. We take real pride in the process and enjoy creating a ‘mindful-happiness’ for clients.

If you are dreaming of an exciting architecture project or are simply curious, we invite you to a complementary strategy session with us. Together we will have a heart-to-heart conversation that could result in you discovering that one key element which will change everything.

Project Planning

If you want some help, so you don’t have to keep figuring everything out on your own, let’s set up a time to talk. I would love to hear more about your ideas and help you during an initial consultation, at no charge.

You can request some of our free resources here, including the ‘Project Planning Package’, which will take you through a more in-depth process to help you get ready to make a start your renovation project.

All you have to do is to ask. We will send you our ‘must-read’ information guides, a brief questionnaire to understand your particular project issues and book your consultation, at no charge.