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Women In Architecture Mentoring scheme

25 March 2024
Sandra Orlando Payne has been a Mentor for WIA

The Inhabitat team has developed a focus to set clear goals mentoring alongside women in architecture at Goal Setting workshops. Designing a residential project and submitting applications for planning or building regulations requires clients to have clear goals and a mindset can begin any project with a strong foundation. From the mentoring scheme we would like to share key steps to goal setting success, which can begin with self-reflection, to identify any aspects that adds joy and satisfaction to personal home projects and within professional life. A few tips to take note of include to initially to focus on the area that you can control within projects.

1. Choose your goals

2. Visually Map your Goals

3. Prioritise then Focus

4. Resources and Support

5. Break it down

6. Measure Success

7. Celebrate Success

Furthermore,at the office as a extension of the goal setting success we invite clients and offer knowledgeable mentoring to set goals and frame ideas for projects!

RIBA Mentoring Code OF Conduct


As mentors we are helping the mentee to weigh up the situation, as from a process of reflection, challenges and feedback to enable the client to generate a solution. As mentors the expectation is to conduct with dignity and act in a manner that respects diversity and promotes equal opportunities.

Mentoring Code

As part of the code is to repond to the mentee's agenda and to work to adopt the most appropriate level confidentiality. And Mentors will be aware of current legislation and mentee rights.

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