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Tips for Renovation

28 March 2022
Tips for Renovation

How to enhance spatial quality by creating open-plan free-flowing areas…

Tip 1 Sliding doors can introduce an element of flexibility in the interior architecture.

Tip 2 A central partition can house a fitted kitchen and built-in cabinets within an open-plan layout. This would define distinct areas still preserving a sense of inclusiveness and freedom.

Tip 3 Opening up a stairway and enclosing it minimally with a glass balustrade can enhance the sense of volume, transparency and can spread available natural light around.

Tip 4 Minimal screening around an open stairwell could be made of glazed panels or decorative and permeable materials such as wood or textiles.

Tip 5 A mezzanine level can provide additional floor area without compromising light and views of beautiful interiors.

Tip 6 Extending out can have a dramatic effect on ground floor spaces. The roof of the extension can be glazed, bringing light down into the new kitchen and creating the feeling of being in a garden patio area.

Tip 7 Cutting away part of an upper floor to create a double height glazing, can offer a great deal of potential, both in terms of spatial quality and can allow light to spill down from above.