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28 March 2022

You look at the house you bought because it had the potential to be transformed into your ‘dream home’. It feels frustrating, particularly comparing this with the feeling when your offer was accepted, and the excitement was running high. You know the time to get the renovation project is now BUT… What to do first?

This is often the picture new clients paint to me when we discuss the way they feel about the prospect of turning their house into a building site. They are busy, they have other priorities and yet… they want to make beautiful home happen!


One simple way to get through this initial block is to put pen to paper. This is not just a cathartic exercise, but it can be a powerful tool to identify your project priorities clearly. We have a fabulously simple three steps to set up get a project into motion by setting up a kick-ass project checklist; 

#1 Write a list

My advice is to draw a line in the middle of the page and write two columns. A PROS and CONS list to include things like; request a catalogue from that amazing kitchen supplier Vs organise temporary furniture storage … visit the Farrow and Ball & Fire Earth shop Vs telling your partner that you never liked the grandmother’s antique table and chairs and they have to go… You get the idea here. The list will become very liberating!


#2 Get the highlighter pen out

This is when your project starts. Pick no less than three but no more than five of the items in your CONS ‘worrying’ list. Get those and only those done first. You will either be able to resolve them or get to the point that you know the easiest, shortest and less painful way to get them done. Sometimes it needs researching a subject- i.e. Do I need planning permission? Would I be able to do this within our budget? Will we need to move out? Finding the answers to the problematic issues inevitably will put you in a place of feeling in control. That is where you want to be not only at the beginning but throughout the project.


#3 Let yourself connect with the excitement you felt when you picked up the house keys

Imagine how you would like to feel in the new house. Connect with the activities you most enjoy doing at home and how much more enjoyable those will become once all the work is completed. Keep going back to your PROS list to remember why you wanted this house so much. Set the course and push ahead!


If you want some help, so you don’t have to keep figuring everything out on your own, let’s set up a time to talk. I would love to hear more about your ideas and help you during an initial consultation, at no charge.

You can request some of our free resources here, including the ‘Project Planning Package’, which will take you through a more in-depth process to help you get ready to make a start your renovation project.

All you have to do is to ask. We will send you our ‘must-read’ information guides, a brief questionnaire to understand your particular project issues and book your consultation, at no charge.