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Newsletter March.2024

2 March 2024


Remaining positively creative, enthusiastic and in high spirits after the long Winter months can prove challenging, even for our happy team! Fuelled by mellow jazz tunes and the scent of fresh, warm coffee, we continue hitting deadlines and progressing with the design work. Our wild neighbour, the River Thames, has been roaring with its abundant presence and powerful speed. Although sometimes appearing menacing, it has nourished us with the energy of its constant flow.

Planning applications continue to be submitted, and construction drawings are issued as clients get ready to see their projects starting on site. The promise of warmer weather and sunshine fills us with the joy of our designs transforming into buildings. We can’t wait to see them coming from the ground up!

In the meantime, we have continued our ‘open door’ studio approach. We invited many new connections to visit us. They have resulted in many new collaborations and potential joint ventures. Despite the economic uncertainties and the cold stormy Winter we have endured, I couldn’t be more grateful for the first two months of 2024.


22.16 elevation


The clients came to us looking to create a house that feels comfortable and warm, with views of their garden and a focus on environmental design for their 1920s home.

Our proposal includes a two-storey rear extension, internal refurbishment, and garage conversion to create a space that suits their daily family routine. Improving the connection between cooking, dining, and garden areas will enhance natural daylight and ventilation in the home.

Designing sustainably has introduced new technology to the property, such as an air source heat pump, solar panels, and underfloor heating. Additionally, salvaged materials will be used for the external paving to reduce waste and material consumption.

Combining sustainable design and modern technology, we carefully balanced a scheme for this ECO-LUX project. With these changes, the house will be ideal for our clients to call their home.

GF 22.16


A design guide for high-end properties

Green architecture and flexible space can help preserve a place’s identity, improve air quality and flow, and reduce environmental impact. Read on for the key benefits of sustainable design for your home.


Designing and building in an environmental-friendly way can be cheaper than conventional approaches. The savings on utility bills and operation costs over time offset the increased expense for day lighting and controls.

Planning Permission

High eco-standards and green design can help gain permission for development in areas where it was once not allowed.

Passive Strategies

Improving insulation, natural ventilation and maximizing solar gain are highly effective for homes. Enlarging windows on south-facing elevations can reduce the need for supplementary heating.

eco guide


If you’re embarking on a building project, choosing the right architect is key. Our guide on eco-design for residential luxury properties can help you avoid common mistakes and find the perfect architect for your “ecolux” project.

Remember, taking the time to choose the right architect is one of the most important investments you’ll

make in your project.

If you’re interested in more personal advice for your property, we can schedule a 30-minute consultation at a convenient time for you, either in our Windsor studio or online. There is no charge for this consultation.