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Newsletter Mar.23

27 March 2023
Newsletter MAr.23

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” -Alexander Graham Bell


For us the end of March marks the beginning of Spring, the clocks go forward, the buds start to peep through the ground, we begin to reconnect with nature and a real sense of optimism and renewal takes over. We really do feel more open, receptive and ready for a fresh start. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to present to a group of property developers, where I was delighted to be able to share with them some tips on how to incorporate eco-measures into their projects. Eco architectural design has always been an integral part of the approach to my work as an architect, and it has not always been well received. However, to my surprise, the participants totally engaged in the discussion and

there was a real buzz in the air. They were open to finding out about clever and cost-effective options to add green energy to their projects and eager to find out more! The winds of change have arrived with Spring and I’m inspired and hopeful that it will be longer lastingthan a seasonal change.

Copra titan

After my experience with the group of young developers, I am excited and optimistic about the future and the legacy we can leave with our work.



Bringing a Victorian house to modern standards in record time

Junction Rd

Our clients recently purchased an elegant four-bedroom end of terrace Victorian house. The sale was completed just before Christmas and we were commissioned to work on a major overhaul with the addition of two bedrooms in the loft space. The project has rapidly progressed and we are now finalising the process of substantially modernising and refurbishing the property. We took an eco-passive-design strategy, incorporating the appropriate construction details and specifications. The scheme required a full planning application and a fast-track construction schedule to complete the bespoke design. Although the house will be lived by the owners and their family initially, our clients approached the project from a commercial angle, as with any project, expenditure should always keep the consideration of a return on investment in mind. No doubt, we will be soon working on their next project.

junction rd

We are architects that create vibrant, innovative and eco-aware legacy architecture. We pride ourselves on the enjoyment of the processes we bring for what we call the architecture of ‘mindful happiness’.

Our purpose is to create spaces that embrace human emotions. If you want to build a sustainable refurbishment project, you ought to read our guide;

A checklist of priorities

You will find details about the 5 pillars to property development;

  1. Working with a power team of professionals that understands your specific project requirements.
  2. Understanding the main considerations about the site context and the location aspects.
  3. Developing a full project strategy to take forward to the planning phase.
  4. Understanding the construction rules and regulations that affect the subsequent implementation phase.
  5. Establishing the cost and risk control structure to implement.
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