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Newsletter February .23

27 February 2023
Newsletter feb.23

“You can’t blame gravity

for falling in love.”

Albert Einstein


It is said that the practice of architecture is achieving the right balance between science and art and we

couldn’t agree more with this assertion. Fundamental to the success of each project we undertake for our

clients is the emotional engagement required for the ‘creation of spaces that embrace the emotions’. We

actively seek the enjoyment of the creative process from the moment we start and it is only by appreciating the emotion that our design work needs to evoke, that our work can really start to take direction. The process begins with a design meeting at our riverside studio, where over freshly made coffee and pastries, we share the project design steps. As we explore the direction for the journey, we will guide our clients through, we aim to create a sense of security and build a client’s trust that the end result will envision delight. As the project progresses, we feel it’s really important to share details with our clients about the structural requirements and construction processes that will be necessary to showcase the beauty of the design. Marrying the ‘art’ with the ‘science’ is important and reassures clients that we care deeply about their experience and the end result.

office meeting

Finally, the uncorking of the champagne bottle in the finished building, marks the end of our work and the beginning of the new life of a building that we know will be loved and cherished.




Our clients have recently acquired a period home in a beautiful Berkshire countryside setting. We have been commissioned to work on a detached house that was once part of a larger manor house

estate. The site retains a large portion of the original property’s grounds with an area of woodlands, meadows and a walled garden. We are in the process of substantially extending and fully refurbishing the existing house. The project will be built to our ‘eco-lux’ standards. This requires an eco-passive design strategy, energy generation technologies and specifications. The scheme includes high levels of integration of the indoors and the outdoors. We are planning a formal garden, an extensive kitchen garden and a natural swimming pool to complement the new house. There is also a need to sensitively add contemporary extensions retaining and enhancing the strong period features of the house. We absolutely love working on this project!


We are architects that create vibrant, innovative and eco-aware legacy architecture. We pride ourselves

on the enjoyment of the processes we bring for what we call the architecture of ‘mindful happiness’.

Our purpose is to create spaces that embrace human emotions. If you want to build a sustainable

eco-luxury project, you ought to read our guide;

ECO - LUXURY - The ripple effect of nature’s abundance

You will find out our approach to;

  1. Best practices for building a high-end sustainable residential property.
  2. Key features to consider and the benefits they provide.
  3. Correct materials and specific cations to consider.
  4. Introducing high-tech and innovative home features.
  5. Understanding and choosing the suitable options to achieve a green building.

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A guide to embracing nature for your high-end residential project!