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Newsletter Dec.2023

20 December 2023
Windsor Illluminated


As we wrap up for the Christmas celebrations and get ready to enjoy time away from our studio, there is a sense of gratitude and joy.

We are grateful for the opportunities and the challenges we faced. Working with our clients, we have created many places that did not exist before, and they have now been born. There is a sense of satisfaction in walking past a building that was once just an idea or a dream and we helped become a reality. Although the times called for caution, our clients and the team have completed many projects. I can only imagine what 2024 will bring if we continue working with the same optimism. Success can be measured in many ways.

Right now, we would like to focus on the learning, the friendship, and the good times we shared along the way. As architects, a fine finished building is often the end product of our work. However, it is in the intangible aspects of the building creation that we find reasons to be grateful this time.

We wish you a fabulous Christmas and hope that you all find joy in gratitude. Let it be the fuel to create prosperity and joy in the New Year.


Windsor Winter

A love for the Christmas festive lights tradition

In 1954, local retailers and businesses in Regent Street arranged a display of Christmas lights to brighten up the post-war London streets. This tradition soon spread to other streets, with the Oxford Street Christmas display premiering in 1959. Today, the Christmas lights displays have become an key part of London’s festive calendar and are enjoyed by people all over the country. Locally, the tradition has grown too. We have enjoyed the switching of the lights in our Windsor town and neighbouring Eton in the past few weeks. There are various daily activities and performances taking place, and both towns are beautiful urban environments to walk around in.

For us, Windsor Great Park Illuminated has become one of the top events in the area with nothing to envy Kew Gardens! Who wouldn’t enjoy woodland awash with colour with sparkles of fireflies and mythical creatures on a Winter’s evening. Then a stop at a cosy rest spot, with mouth-wateringly good food, mulled wine and hot chocolate or toast marshmallows at one of the fire pits, with the backdrop of Windsor Castle and the Long Walk behind.

Come and visit Windsor this Christmas!



Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to keep up to date with the Inhabitat Team in the new year! We visited the Eton lights switch-on together a few weeks ago to get into the festive spirit.

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