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Newsletter Apr.23

27 April 2023
newsletter apr23

"Architecture is not only about shelter. It should be able to excite you,  to calm you, to make you think’" -Zaha Hadid-


As an architect, I often get asked ‘‘What are the chances of success for my project?’’ No matter the budget, size or complexity of it, there are three simple things you should ask yourself.

Firstly, look at the viability of the project by using examples of successful similar projects in detail. Secondly, consider your willingness to do the hard work as even surrounded by the best team of professionals, you will need to be the driving force to see things through to completion.

Lastly, be sure to have a strong emotional motivation that inspires you and connects you to the idea of the building. Ask yourself - Am I really passionate about doing the project?

If after careful consideration your answer is ‘yes’, we will encourage you to take the first step on your project journey and the good news is your chance of success will be as high as it gets!

Our job, starts with helping our clients not only to unlock the project viability but also their emotional motivation.

By defining the emotions, they wish to experience once the project is complete, their true ‘why’ is uncovered.

Sandra in office

This clarity can then be reflected consistently onto the architectural design and beyond.

The result is a building that talks about their dreams, values and aspirations. If you are curious about our approach, I invite you to get in touch.



Converting a workshop building into supported living accommodation.

Holley Road

Our clients purchased a 1930’s workshop in South London. Soon after the purchase completion, we were commissioned to work on the viability and concept design. The client wanted to maximise the number

of units mindfully and sympathetically. The location was particularly conducive as it was within a residen-tial road close to local amenities and public transport. Although the brief called for the usual requirement of modernisingand refurbishing the property to convert it into fl ats, their motivation went beyond the spatial design.

The project involved several iterations with the local planning authority and after a lengthy process they achieved success. The result was spacious serviced accommodation apartments, with shared communal areas for the residents, exactly what they set out to do. They stayed true to their project aspirations through aprocess that required courage, stamina, focus and drive and above all they stayed true to their dream. They are now ready to do it all over again and looking for their next project!

We worked closely with our planning consultants to provide a strategy for converting a small industrial unit. We worked on the feasibility options and the Pre-Application discussions with the Local Pl

Enjoy the design process- ‘The architecture of mindful happiness’

We are architects that create vibrant, innovative and eco-aware legacy architecture. We take pride in the processes and our purpose is to create spaces that embracehuman emotions or in other words architecture ‘mindful-happiness’.

If you are dreaming of an exciting architectural project or are simply curious, we invite you to a complementary strategy session with us, here at our riverside office in Windsor.

Together we will have a heart-to-heart strategy conversation, that could be the key to you getting started on your dream project.

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