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Focus on Interiors – Sliding doors

28 March 2022
Focus on Interiors – Sliding doors

Flexibility in contemporary lifestyle is key- the same goes for interior architecture. Clever and adaptable spaces are required by constantly changing needs and times. It’s useful to consider that a simple sliding door can make any room feel bigger and give to your space a new function – perhaps even more modern, if that’s what you’re going for.

Let’s take a look at a few stunning benefits of sliding doors …

1. They are our absolute space savers

A simple component for a huge advantage in your bedroom, kitchen, study, any room which is a bit on the small side.*

2. Pocket designs are hot!

Sliding doors come in many different styles. Some require a rail on the wall to run along, others align with a pocket design. And these particular ones are really taking off, being quite popular in trendy


3. Materials vary beautifully

A plain wooden sliding door is not your only choice – they can be crafted from a myriad of materials and surprise you with their effects. From frosted glass through to Japanese paper doors; from pure white to bright glossy colours; anything goes when it comes to sliding doors.

4. So many sizes to pick from

We think that sliding kitchen doors and sliding bathroom doors make a great result, as these are generally the smaller rooms in the home and have to be as uncluttered as possible. But whatever the size of doorway you require, you can get a pocket door to match! Inset handles really help too and look quite minimal and cool.

5. A seamless connection

The motion of opening a sliding door just lends itself to such a sense of ceremony, while a closed one allows the two adjoining rooms to gracefully integrate with one another.

6. They really are a “Passepartout”.

They can work in every style. A lot of people think that sliding doors only work in very modern house – not true! These creations can add charm to virtually any interior, even the more classic