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ArchiKids Workshop – Cardboard Village

28 March 2022

We’ve begun a new venture!

On Thursday 6th July 2017 we ran our very first Archi-kids workshop. Archi-kids workshops consist of interactive and hands on activities that teach children about architecture and encourage creativity.

What we did …

We spoke to children aged 3-5 and gave them a brief introduction to what architecture is in the form of a story. We asked them what different materials and colours they have seen houses and building made of and looked at lots of different pictures.

We then handed out A3 templates for cardboard houses and got to building our own village!

The children were given colouring pencils to add their own touch to their house. They were very specific when deciding which pens and pencils to use- being careful to only pick their most favourite colours. We definitely had a lot of abstract designs!

With help from the teachers, the children assembled their cardboard houses and we arranged them so that we had our own little cardboard village.

Why we started school workshops…

At inhabitat we believe it is important for children and young people to be aware of architecture and its importance. In this specific workshop we told the children a fictional story about cavemen hiding in caves from dinosaurs. We value the historical aspect of architecture and hope that the children were able to learn why we live in houses. The children were then able to discuss the reasons why houses are needed nowadays. Some of the main reasons the children thought of were keeping warm in the winter and out of the sun when it’s too hot in summer.

What’s next?

We have begun contacting other schools with briefs for more workshops. We hope to run workshops for all ages and have already planned a handful of sessions for varying age ranges.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground for more Inhabitat Archi-kids workshops in the new school year!