Once you find yourself planning a house extension/conversion, many considerations will need bringing into the melting pot. Some will relate to costing, timing, quality of materials, space layout and many (many, many!) other issues. Here is when the design may appear well below in this list. Don't make this mistake!
I have written this article, using the consideration of incorporating a window seat, to help you think about what to consider when planning designs.

RIBA Mentoring Scheme

At InhabitatArchitects we are proud to be directly working with The Architecture School at Reading University again as part of the RIBA Mentoring Program 2019-2020.

As mentors, we will strive to offer support and motivation to the next generation of Architects. We will help them identify personal and professional skills they will require as qualified architects and expand the possibilities of their future career directions.

We will do this by exposing them to all the project stages and technical procedures that are inherent to the daily running of an Architectural Practice. We hope the mentoring program will offer them opportunities to recognise those areas of Architecture they feel more passionate about.


Our daily experience of space and places is mostly shaped by the direct contact with natural elements - such as light and air, water, landscapes - and the indirect perception, generating from images and materials that can evoke ancestral feelings and emotions. This is the realm where architecture is born.

Inhabitat Architects recognise the human, innate, need to affiliate with nature in a modern building.

We adopt nature-inspired design principles throughout our creative process and preferentially make use of natural textures and colours and visualise pure and minimalist volumes. We value natural light and fresh air as important and tangible elements as building materials.


The Quality Triangle

As an architect in practice, I find myself explaining to most prospective clients a simple, yet highly effective project management concept. We normally discuss this when we meet for the initial consultation.  We also talk at length about sexier subjects, such as space design, materials, natural lighting, finishes, etc.  Most importantly, we cover the project direction in terms of aspirations and motivations.

Why do we keep bringing up this dull concept to the initial consultation, you may ask? This basic principle of the Quality Triangle applies to the fabrication of a car, as much as to the creation of a piece of art or the implementation of a system by a consultant in business also applies to construction projects. I take great delight in seeing how people's facial expressions change when they understand this concept.


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